For the Body

Customized Massages
A full body treatment using techniques designed to increase circulation, improve range of motion and establish a sense of well-being.
30 min. / $45.00
60 min. / $65.00
90 min. / $90.00

Hot Stone Massage

30 min. / $40.00
60 min. / $60.00

Aromatic Citrus Polish
A citrus body scrub that leaves you feeling refreshed, glowing and smooth, like a day in the sun. ( Ideal before tanning)

Thermal Dead Sea Mud
Mud, imported from the Dead Sea, is applied to the entire body to open pores, release toxins, nourish and soothe while improving metabolism, and softening the skin with a citrus scrub. Rinsed away with the European Vichy Shower.

Add-On Massage Services

Sinus Soother / $15.00
Designed to open sinuses with essential oils and light pressure massage.

Paraffin Dip Hands / $10.00

Paraffin Dip Feet / $10.00