Jackson Massage and Day Spa


Waxing has become a high in demand spa service, especially bikini and Brazilian waxing. Our technicians make the service as comfortable and painless as possible. All waxing services are performed in a private room in a relaxed setting. Waxing is not just for summer; winter is a good time to get started. So consult with a technician today to see if waxing is right for you.

* Lip, Brow, Chin- $10.00 each 2/$16.00, or 3/ $20.00
* Full Leg…$60.00
* Half Leg…$40.00
* Back…$55.00
* Face…$40.00
* Arm…$40.00
* Underarm…$25.00
* Bikini…$30.00
* Brazilian Wax…$65 and up

Other waxing services available